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 Japanese painting classrooms by Satomi Fujii

On Monday, Wednesday, Thursday,
There are the following classrooms  In KOBE and OSAKA


ASAHI culture center   Osaka Nakanoshima


Thursdays of the first, second and third weeks 
(Teacher Youichi Nishino  or   Satomi Fujii)
Class A  10:30〜13:30
ClassB  14:00〜17:00
Located on the 18 th floor of the Osaka Festival Hall Building.


 GEM Rental space KOBE Motomachi


Wednesday (Twice a month)(Teacher   Satomi Fujii )

2nd Floor of GEM Rental Space KOBE  Motomachi building.
(Formerly  known as JEC Japan Training Center.)

Located in the  KOBE Motomachi shopping district.
{Hanamiya Hail} and {Santos Coffee} are landmarks.
Visit any time on the opening day 
(No reservation required for course tours only)
Please contact Satomi Fujii directly to apply for the course 

 Scheduled course date 2024,

January10, January24, February7, February21,
March6, March13,
April3, April17, May1, May15, June5, June19

NHK culture center   OSAKA  Umeda


Thursday of 1st and 3 rd weeks(Teacher Satomi Fujii)
OSAKA Umeda Office tower building 17th Floor
(Close to Hankyu Umeda Dapartment Store)