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  Photo: Kefi Marie-France  

Diploma:      Kyoto City University of Art 
                   Japanese painting. Master of Art
*The Prize of Kyoto City University of Art graduate couse
*The Prize of SOJA-City BOKUSAIGA (The Highest prize twice)
*The Prize of Springtime SOGA Association. (6 times)
* The prize of ASAHI newspaper company                               
                 (at KYOTO Japanese- Painting Association.)
*The Prize of SOGA Association(Encouragement Prize once.
                                        SOGA-Kai Association Prize 3times.)
       *A regular member of
           The SOGA-Kai Association of Japanese Painting
       *A regular member of KYOTO Japanese Painting Association
       *A regular member of ING HYOGO(Hyogo Prefecture artist ING)